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Increasingly we’re living our lives on-camera. Whether it’s a television news interview, a presentation to your virtual team in Beijing and London or a keynote address being broadcast live on the internet, you need to know how to put your best face forward.

Now, with social distancing... virtual keynotes, online meetings and virtual media interviews have become the norm. As such, on-camera skills are more important than ever.

Noeleen McGrath, Founder and President of McGrath Comm, is an award-winning television news journalist, media trainer and video producer. No one is better qualified to help you improve your on-camera performance.

In season one of Eat The Lens, McGrath shared her wealth of knowledge in bite-sized tips. She covered such topics as media interviews, presentations, corporate videos and speeches.

Now in season two of Eat The Lens, McGrath is biting off more, moving on to a longer format podcast called, The Entree.

With this latest offering, Noeleen is both charting and starting a new course. The Entree will feature conversations that will give you access or entree to experts, who will help you become a more effective communicator.

Why Eat The Lens? What does it even mean? It’s a term that’s used to describe someone who has great presence and charisma on-camera.

Jun 10, 2020

Noeleen McGrath, founder of McGrath Comm, speaks with studio owner, Tim Keenan, about the importance of voice. 

In this first of two parts, Noeleen and Tim discuss the pros of using a studio to record your podcast, as well as the benefits of receiving coaching if you are new to podcasting.